Patch Your Broken Smartphone Screen With Sugru

Patch Your Broken Smartphone Screen With Sugru
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When you drop your smartphone and crack the screen, it can feel devastating. As with most unfortunate situations, Sugru is here to save the day, or at least ensure your phone doesn’t break any further.

As Sugru designer Simon points out, you can use a thin layer of Sugru to patch up your cracked display (or rear glass panel in the case of certain iPhones or Nexus phones). It won’t permanently fix the glass, but it can hold it together and prevent cuts until you can get it fixed or replaced. Check out his post below for detailed instructions.

How to fix a cracked phone screen [Sugru via WonderHowTo]


  • How long until these sugru stories get marked as advertising or “works as expected”? How long until they start doing stories such as “fix a hole in your wall with plaster”? “Use superglue to stick two items together”?

    • I had not heard of SUGRU until this, so it may be a little while yet before it reaches the public recognition of plaster, superglue, water etc. I have known about those for a long time.

  • I don’t know what the tape on the screen is supposed to indicate, but this article does nothing to actually illustrate the benefits of this..

    All I took away was “Cover half your screen with tape!! (#sugru)”

  • Really? That’s it…a peice of tape? I’ve been googlin for ever and fou d a bunch of scared people simply “illustrating how to fix cracks” by relaying the ordering info for a
    replacement kit.
    Ok, well I’m gonna save you some trouble. A drop of super glue in the centr of the “spider web” fracture on the screen. Spread the glue along the cracks, LEAVE ALONE TO DRY, and you glass will be secure. Extra slow and even spreading of the glue, and you will hardly even notice its there.
    My Galaxy 4 has been SHATTERED (but glued) for about three months, works fine!

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