MyScript Calculator Uses Handwriting Recognition To Do Maths

MyScript Calculator Uses Handwriting Recognition To Do Maths

Android/iOS: Your phone includes a basic calculator and you can download more advanced apps, but inputting complex maths isn’t always easy. MyScript Calculator allows you to write out maths problems in the same way you would on paper and then solves them.

The handwriting recognition isn’t 100 per cent perfect. However, when you’re dealing with dividing fractions or layered parenthetical expressions, just getting the equation into your device can be a lot faster if you can write it out.

MyScript Calculator [Google Play Store]

MyScript Calculator [iTunes App Store]


    • My thoughts exactly, except this idea is better because in the Big Bang Theory they were taking photos of their equations and then computing them. That would either require pen and paper or a whiteboard around at all times. Even more importantly, if taking a photograph, the app would sometimes struggle to determine what parts of the photo would be recognised as script (e.g. It could interpret light reflection or lens flare as text and good luck deciphering that). So by having it touch input, it would eliminate any ‘computer error’ as it were. Just my two cents

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