MyNetFone Taking Over Services For PennyTel Customers

MyNetFone Taking Over Services For PennyTel Customers

Good news for customers left in the lurch when PennyTel went into liquidation: MyNetFone has made a deal with the liquidators to take over existing customers.

MynetFone says its initial focus is “to ensure services remain operational”. Eventually, the existing PennyTel network and billing platform will be merged into MyNetFone’s operations. We’d expect some of the cheaper PAYG plans will disappear when that occurs. However, it’s definitely a more positive outcome for business customers, who otherwise would have been stuck with setting up entirely new connections.


  • If Pennytel / iVoys (not sure how to spell it correctly) has an improvement with quality and customer service, and (roughly) maintain the same pricing level – this could be a very good thing for consumers.

    VoIP needs a shot in the arm. It should be far more popular than it is. I hope mynetfone gets it right.

  • As far as I can see, MyNetFone does not provide a mobile service (only Voip and ADSL). As a Pennysim user I’m nervous about their ability to take over that area of service.

  • well just got off the phone to a mynetfone rep and they have said that mynetfone are buying not just voip and dsl customers however they are also buying mobile voice and data as well thats what i have been told

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