Make The First Person To Check Their Phone At Dinner Pay

Make The First Person To Check Their Phone At Dinner Pay

In general, if you’re out with company, it’s rarely if ever OK to check your phone. The Downside App offers an idea on how to combat constant phone checking: make the first person to touch their phone pay.

Unfortunately, the app only works on iOS devices, but the principle is simple enough that you don’t actually need an app. At the start of every meal, everyone places their phone face down on the table and the first person to use theirs has to pay.

Obviously paying for the entire meal can become problematic in large groups, but you could set house rules for paying fir the the next round or even throwing some money in to a pool for the next group outing. The rules can be up to you, but it’s a neat way to turn being polite into a game, and maybe training us all to have some more impulse control.

If You Check Facebook While We’re at Dinner, You’re Paying [99u]


  • A good idea at first, but like any time my friends and I play a drinking game, there’s always that one dude who sucks at remembering the rules and always uses someone’s name/points at someone/uses the word ‘drink’/whatever. Except this time instead of getting drunk really fast, he’s just going to get poor really fast!

  • I loved the concept when I first heard it years ago. But as someone who runs their own small business, customers today think your there for them 24/7.

    And with a bunch of wealthy friends in high paid corporate jobs they all think it’s very funny and cute their poor friend that makes half what they do building a business for himself has to pay for dinner all the time because he’s trying to make it work. Don’t go out with them so much any more…

  • It is old news, but yes! It annoys the hell out of me when I’m out at dinner with friends, and they are spending their time (and my time!) chatting with other people on FB or whatever! Parents, be responsible and make sure you teach your kids mobile phone etiquette. There could be 10 people in the room, and they are all engaged in their own phone world, disconnected from the “now” moments of life. There are always times you just want to vege out and waste time scrolling through your phone, but choose when is appropriate & don’t miss out on what is right in front of you!!

    • Did you ever think that if you were interesting they wouldn’t be on their phones. God knows I’ve dealt with “interesting” people like yourself who are righteous and boring and I would rather be somewhere else but I’m stuck listening to dribble from a friend of a friend.

      If they’re on their phone instead of talking to you. I would say it’s a case of PEBTAC.

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