Make Butter In Your Blender

Like the idea of homemade butter but don't own a churn? Use a blender. As this video from the folks at CHOW demonstrates, it requires a little more effort than just flipping the switch, but it works like a charm.

The video above shows you how it's done — all you need to do is pour in heavy cream (best if it's at room temp) and fire up the blender until the solids separate. Pour off the "buttermilk," which you should definitely save for other uses. Then "rinse" the butter with water a few times in the blender to make sure any more buttermilk comes off (it will spoil faster than the solid butter will). Once you're finished, spread the butter out over a strainer to make sure any liquid drains away, scoop up the butter, and store it in plastic wrap rolls for use.

This method is especially useful if you want to make herb butter or spice-infused butter. Add the herbs or spices near the end of the process, maybe after the last run in the blender to break them up and really get the flavour in there. Trust me, you'll love the result.

Make Butter in Your Blender [CHOW]


    Would have been nice to at least look up the Australian equivalent name of American ingredients before copying and pasting the content :P But yeah, 'heavy cream' here is called thickened or double cream (generally anything with a fat content of 36-40%).

    Mmm I may have to give this a try on the weekend.

      Hey, be grateful they don't tell you to add sugru.

    To make it even better, the day before you make it culture your cream: add about 2tb of plain yoghurt per half litre of cream, whisk it a bit, cover and leave on the bench for 8 hours or thereabouts. It will thicken up a bit, get a bit foamy and be significantly more gooderer.

    Use the buttermilk to make pancakes. Or delicious fried chicken.

      Hey jjcf, I've heard of this method adding yogurt to your butter. Really want to give it a try. Wondering how flexible that 8hrs was?

        It's pretty loose - anywhere from 6 to 12 hours is generally fine, with the taste getting more pronounced as time goes on. Just cover it with a clean teatowel to keep out jerk mosquitos and the like.

          Success!! put three tables spoons of natural yogurht to 600ml of cream. Left overnight then made it in the morning. Couldn't be happier. Although i'm going to try the heston blumenthal paresley butter next, quite keen to see how it goes.

          Thank you JJCF your a legend!

    Quite a old method used in developing countries in mechinical churning machine.
    But still a good reminder for new generation that butter can be made at home also. It is not the patented thing that can be bought only from supermarket at 10 times the price.

    if you're someone who has thickened cream in the fridge, you're someone who has butter. Who the hell has thickened cream?

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