Killer Interview Question: What Will You Do When The Zombie Apocalypse Strikes?

Killer Interview Question: What Will You Do When The Zombie Apocalypse Strikes?
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It’s the oddball interview question that demands to be asked at Halloween. Forget “tell me your biggest weakness”: how would you respond if an interviewer asked you What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Zombie apocalypse picture from Shutterstock

[related title=”THE BIG QUESTIONS” tag=”killer-interview-questions” items=”3″]Like most strange queries, a key part of the point of this question is to distract interviewees from their well-rehearsed routines and challenge them with an unexpected moment. If you manage to link this to the role at hand, you’ll score bonus points.

I’d be tempted to suggest “I’d immediately investigate what new business opportunities existed given how the need to reshape scientific knowledge to account for zombies.” Alternatively, you might just propose a zombie-based fitness regime.

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  • Wow that would certainly catch anyone off guard in an interview.
    I for one would pause for a moment and think of what just happened, laugh, and then
    seriously answer his question, which would be: “I would try and make it to the outskirts of the city, live and protect my own farm to grow vegetables and make cheese, and then re-open the sandwich shoppe in these dark times for wandering survivors!

  • This is probably the easiest question I could have in an interview:
    -Grab those you care about and head for the nearest body of water. You’ll probably want at least 5 people.
    -Steal or borrow a medium-sized motorboat/yacht. large enough to have a couple of small rooms and a fuel supply that will last days, small enough to be run by two people.
    -Move away from built up areas.
    -Move offshore at night, and make any incursions to shore to pick up supplies and fuel during the day.
    -Avoid anchoring too much, keep a regular watch, and wait for signs it’s all ending.

      • Convention suggests that they cant swim, but they obviously don’t die – so they’ll blunder around on the bottom of the ocean until they find a beach or climb your anchor chain.

        Possible exceptions:
        -Fast zombies seem to have most of their motor skills left and might be able to swim.
        -I’m guessing the more overweight a zombie is, the more likely it is to float (and there’s that whole bloating stage of decomposition). Thankfully boats are pretty smooth; as long as your deck isn’t just above water level you should have few points of entry.

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