KFC Launches Car Cupholder Meals For Peckish Drivers

KFC Launches Car Cupholder Meals For Peckish Drivers

Have you ever wished you could indulge in a greasy chicken feast while simultaneously driving your car? KFC in the US has found a way — and the concept could soon be heading to Australia.

KFC in the US has introduced a new takeaway concept dubbed ‘Go Cups’ which are specifically designed to fit into vehicle cupholders so that drivers can snack on the go. The Go Cup range comes with a choice of chicken tenders, hot wings or a miniature chicken burger; all served with potato wedges for US$2.49 per cup.

According to a poll conducted by the company, 42 percent of drivers would be more likely to eat in their cars if the food container fit their cupholder. The Go Cups solution apparently required two years of development time, although as far as we can tell it’s basically just a plastic cup.

There’s been no official word on whether the KFC Go Cups will be heading to Australia, but it does appear to be a distinct possibility — earlier in the week, KFC Australia informed us that the Zinger Pie would be making way for “another exciting menu option”. Hmmm.

While we think this is an okay concept in theory, things quickly get complicated if you decide to add a soft drink to the mix. (This is practically a prerequisite when you consider how salty KFC food is.) Attempting to wolf down a burger while driving one-handed probably isn’t terribly safe, either.

You can check out a video of the KFC Go Cup below:

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  • Because what we all need is MORE distracted drivers on the road.

    Driving is NOT a right, people. If it was we wouldn’t have licensing schemes. It’s a privilege, treat it like one.

    The ease of which drunk/distracted/incapacitated drivers get away with manslaughter leaves me constantly shocked and dismayed with our ridiculously car-apologistic society.

    Full disclosure: I regularly drive 400km/week so it’s not like I’m your stereotypical anti-car hippie. I’m just one of the rare few who actually realise just how dangerous a 2T vehicle can be after even half a second of no control (ie, distracted driver).

    I am/have been a pedestrian, cyclist, motorbike rider, and car/van driver. I’ve had more close calls than I care to recount, the worst of which were when I was traveling in a straight line, not adjusting my speed at all, at 11am in the morning on a bright sunny day, with barely any traffic around me in a nice bright white VW Transporter van (not exactly small). No excuse for not seeing that other than paying bugger-all attention yet I had to take massive evasive maneuvers once I realised this person wanted at all costs to occupy the section of road I currently was.

    • Do agree with you but think might have over reacted a bit . Its better than having food between your legs. People are going to do stupid things in the car. With this at least its making it a bit safer to do those things, even though shouldn’t be doing it, still a good step.

      • Though isn’t that like saying “at least he only got into the car slightly buzzed. It’s a far safer than if he got in completely drunk.”

        Harm minimisation has its merits, but in this case I don’t think you’re minimising harm per se, but perhaps reducing the odds at best.

      • Agree. Perhaps bad, but better. It’s like the laws on mobile phones while driving.. Has it stopped people doing it? God no, but I bet bluetooth car kit sales went through the roof.. Which is something at least..

  • Wasn’t eating food whilst driving an offence. I’m pretty sure you are supposed to get fined in Victoria for eating food and driving.

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