KFC Launches Car Cupholder Meals For Peckish Drivers

Have you ever wished you could indulge in a greasy chicken feast while simultaneously driving your car? KFC in the US has found a way — and the concept could soon be heading to Australia.

KFC in the US has introduced a new takeaway concept dubbed ‘Go Cups’ which are specifically designed to fit into vehicle cupholders so that drivers can snack on the go. The Go Cup range comes with a choice of chicken tenders, hot wings or a miniature chicken burger; all served with potato wedges for US$2.49 per cup.

According to a poll conducted by the company, 42 percent of drivers would be more likely to eat in their cars if the food container fit their cupholder. The Go Cups solution apparently required two years of development time, although as far as we can tell it’s basically just a plastic cup.

There’s been no official word on whether the KFC Go Cups will be heading to Australia, but it does appear to be a distinct possibility — earlier in the week, KFC Australia informed us that the Zinger Pie would be making way for “another exciting menu option”. Hmmm.

While we think this is an okay concept in theory, things quickly get complicated if you decide to add a soft drink to the mix. (This is practically a prerequisite when you consider how salty KFC food is.) Attempting to wolf down a burger while driving one-handed probably isn’t terribly safe, either.

You can check out a video of the KFC Go Cup below:

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