Inject Cookie Monster Into Any Website With The 'OmNomNomify' App

Occasionally, a web app comes along that is so pointlessly stupid that it somehow becomes essential. Omnomnomify It is one such app. It fills websites with photos and animated GIFs of Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. And that's it.

Omnomnomify It has a single purpose: to replace all media on a website with Sesame Street's furry blue mascot. To see the app in action, simply drag and drop the Omnomnomify It link onto an open tab and watch the cookie crumbs fly. Like we said, it's pointless and stupid — yet also hilarious. Use it to mystify colleagues and delight your kids. The possibilities are endless! (Or possibly two-fold.)

[Omnomnomify It]


    I appreciated it but I think I'll stick with Cornify( and Kick Ass(

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