How To Block Annoying Facebook Apps (Like Bitstrips) From Posting To Your Feed

Your friends are enjoying themselves with some trendy new Facebook app and you don't want to be the cranky curmudgeon that complains, but you also don't want to see their posts. What do you do? Block the app of course.

While this feature isn't new, it can prove very handy if you're one of the growing number of people who don't like to see certain apps. To permanently end the flood of posts from a particular app, here's what you need to do:

  1. Click the drop down menu attached to the post itself.
  2. Select "Hide all from [app name]." (Note: if you're using the new interface, you may have to select "Hide" and then choose to block all from that app.)
  3. Enjoy life.

If you ever need to unblock the app for whatever reason, you can undo it by going to your Facebook Settings and, under Blocking, removing the block on the app. This trick works for people too, but we thought this was worth revisiting given the recent raft of Bitstrips complaints.

Bitstrips Reaches 11 Million But The Backlash Is Becoming Widespread, How To Block The Facebook Comic App [IBTimes]


    Note that this only blocks the ones uploaded via the app itself.
    You still get the odd one or two that people upload via other means.

    If you are that annoyed by this rubbish you need to prune your friend list or stop using facebook.

    In 6 weeks time, no-one will remember what a bitstrip is. If it bothers your that much, just take a holiday from facebook.

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