Hacker Vision Darkens Bright Websites And Makes Them Easier To Read

Hacker Vision Darkens Bright Web Sites and Makes Them Easier to Read

Chrome: Looking at a bright screen at night to read is never a pleasant experience. If you're a fan of the night mode that comes with many ereaders and apps, Hacker Vision is an extension that does the same thing on your computer and turns bright sites a darker colour.

When you visit any site with a light background, Hacker Vision inverts the colours to make the background black and the text white. You can set Hacker Vision to pause when you're browsing during the day, or only activate on select sites. If you're looking for a little eye relief at night, using Hacker Vision is a lot easier than changing the accessibility options on your computer.

Hacker Vision [Chrome Web Store via Ghacks]


    i prefer flux for this, as it alters the screen and not just the browser.
    great if you like to hermit in a dark room with your gadgets (there's an app for phone/tablets)

    my friend describes it as "looks like my screen has been dipped in weak tea"

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