Fail Your VMware Exam? Have Another Crack For Free

Fail Your VMware Exam? Have Another Crack For Free

Certification exams can be both tricky and expensive, so if you’re a nervous virtualisation expert-in-training, this could be welcome news. From now until 31 March 2014, VMware will allow anyone who fails a certification exam to take it again, free of charge.

The deal is running in Australia and New Zealand, and covers five professional and eight advanced exams. We don’t advise scheduling exams you’re not confident of passing, but knowing you won’t be up for a second testing fee if you fail might actually ease the pressure.

VMware Certification Free Second Attempt [Aravind Sivaraman via The Register]


  • I passed the exam through self study like with all my other certs…..then read the requirement to attend a $4k classrom course in order to receive your certificate. Stuff that.

      • Between $4-$5k roughly.

        To sit the exam is only about $150-$200.

        I just can’t justify to myself or my business why I would want to even attend the classroom course and waste a week off work for stuff I already do everyday anyway. Really hope they change it but doubt it since this has been a complaint from many people for a while now.

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