Easyl Automatically Merges And Dedups Customer Information

Customer data all too often ends up residing in multiple systems, and combining that data into a single list for specific uses often ends up being a manual process with an Excel spreadsheet as the end result. At its Exchange conference in Boston, Progress previewed its Easyl webapp, which is designed to make collating and sorting data from different systems a self-service task that doesn't require detailed expertise.

Easyl offers a wizard-like webapp interface to select data from multiple sources (including CRM applications and corporate databases) and map those to a template. Once data has been merged, it can also be shared via Galleries, a Dropbox-like feature to create new shared pools of information, and visualised using Cognos, Tableau or other tools.

The final version of Easyl is due to be announced within a month. Pricing hasn't been disclosed.

Disclosure: Angus Kidman visited Boston as a guest of Progress.


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