Easily Connect Google Forms To PayPal

Using Google Forms to collect information and want to integrate a secure PayPal connection? This simple webapp generates the link you need.

Specify the key details: the email address the payment will be sent to, your product name, price, currency (AUD is supported), and whether you want a one-time or recurring payment, then add the relevant form address. You can optionally add a company logo and additional CSS. Once the form is completed, your user is automatically redirected to the PayPal payment screen. Handy.

Payable Google Form


    Can't believe the little tool I wrote for fun is mentioned! Thanks Angus!

    The plan is to keep it for free till I can't afford the cost.
    It's also available in Google Chrome Webstore:

    Linan Wang

      THANK YOU for writing this tool! It is fantastic.

    Lilan the tool is great - can you make it able to take shekels (ILS)?

    I have created a form and it works great. The issue I have it only accepts one dollar amount. Are there ant scripts available to select multiple dollar amounts based upon what item you select.
    Example I have a registration process for a hockey program and the tuitions have 5 different selections. Right now I can only input one single number

    Thank You

    Thanks so much for this form...works perfectly for me.

    Hi Linan,
    can i still get the form? i am looking to integrate Paypal to my google form.


    Hi Linan! I've used this tool in the past and it worked beautifully. Today, I tried to use it and the first "next step" button doesn't' seem to be working. Can you help? Thank you!

    does it accept other payment option apart from like mastercard etc

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