Don’t Walk With Your Partner If You Want Maximum Exercise Benefits

Don’t Walk With Your Partner If You Want Maximum Exercise Benefits
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Men walk faster than women (because they tend to be taller). So what happens when both sexes amble together? A new research study suggests that men will slow down their walking speed, but only when walking with their main squeeze.

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A study published in PLOS One examined the walking speeds of 11 males and 11 females, walking together in various combinations. The researchers found that men slowed down their speed to match the walking speed of their female romantic partners, but didn’t adjust in other circumstances.

The lesson? If you’re a male and want your walking to burn the maximum amount of energy, walking with your partner may not be the way to do. That said, walking is beneficial exercise, and we wouldn’t want to discourage people from doing it, whatever the circumstances.

Energetic Consequences of Human Sociality: Walking Speed Choices among Friendly Dyads [PLOS One]


  • I basically work one foot just in front of the other, i’m 6’6 and my girlfriend is 5’2. If I was strolling along she would have to jog. If we are in a hurry I can just throw her over my shoulder, cave man style.

  • Yet another advantage to being gay.

    Also girls tend to stop and look at things. guys just want to get from a to b

    • To you and @Flakker, the effect is due to walking with your romantic partner, not due to the fact that they’re specifically female. Men who walked with females who weren’t their partner didn’t slow down.

      • Obviously, though these blokes are specifically referencing the part talking about the significant other. Was that not plainly obvious?

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