DIY Burger Creation: The Colonel’s McWhopper

DIY Burger Creation: The Colonel’s McWhopper
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Over the past few months, we’ve shown you how to create your own ‘Big Mac Angus’ (Big Mac with two Angus beef patties) and the ‘Noah’s Ark’ (battered chicken, a beef patty and bacon). Now, a reader has written in with his own bespoke burger: behold the the Colonel’s McWhopper in all its glory…

When we ran our DIY burger posts, we promised our readers that we’d publish photos of their own creations. Benjamin Long in Victoria has accepted the challenge.

“As a follow up to your Noah’s Arc burger, why don’t you try the Colonels McWhopper? You need a Whopper from Hungry Jack’s, a McDonald’s Big Mac, and three crispy strips from KFC,” explains Benjamin on his creation.

“Open up the whopper and put the Big Mac inside, minus the top and bottom portions of the bun. Then layer the crispy strips from KFC on top of the big mac. Close the whopper bun and enjoy.”

Benjamin concocted his artery-clogging feast half a decade ago but took a photo with his “old Nokia dumb phone” to mark the occasion.


“Me and my mate Jay constructed one each, at a spot in Geelong where all three fast food outlets were in walking distance. It was about five years ago and I remember being full and like my heart was going to stop. I’m a pretty fit guy and I like to eat healthy so I was a struggle for me. But all that being said it tasted great! I won’t ever do it again through.”

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Think you can top the Colonel’s McWhopper, Noah’s Ark burger or Big Mac Angus? Send in your own customised takeaway creations and we’ll publish the best ones in a followup article!


  • I once did the Double Pounder, which is basically a quarter pounder times 8.

    I couldn’t finish it in one go which to be honest was a little disheartening.

    It made hissing noises. Hissing noises that mocked and terrified me.

  • I suspect anyone who assembled and ate a burger that topped this probably wouldn’t live long enough to tell LH about it.

    • It was done, i cant decided whether to be proud or disgusted with myself. I also suffered gastro for days.

  • These articles seem like a grown person who suddenly tried weed and is now going through the “OMG THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER WHY HAS NOBODY EVER THOUGHT OF THIS?!’ stage.

    Edit: to clarify, not that that’s a bad thing lol.. Just a rather hungry thing!

  • As an employee for hungry jacks i’ve had many occasions to experement with everything in store and from a few others also so I’ll share a few of my “creations”

    1. Ultimate tripple hotcake whopper

    3 hotcakes/pancakes
    8 strips of bacon
    4 tubs of dairy spread
    1 sachet of maple flavoured syrup
    5′ bun (whopper bun)


    spread 2 of the tubs of dairy spread on the crown and base of the bun and the remaining tubs equally over the 3 hotcakes.
    next stack the bacon and hotcakes in prefered order on the base of the bun
    pour half of the contents of the maple flavoured syrup on the crown and top the pile of bacony goodness with it

    2. simple yet tasty drink concotion
    mocha/coffee shakes

    regular size vanilla(coffee) or chocolate(mocha) shake in a large cup
    1 short black (coffee shot)


    pour the short black into the large cup and stir until there is no trace of pure short black on the bottom of the cup

    3.the PISSED THE **** OFF whopper

    this one was originaly made for a customer that wasn’t happy with how angry the whoppers were

    1 angry whopper
    -heavy angry sauce
    -heavy jalapinos
    -add peri peri
    1 large angry onions
    2 tubs of spicy sauce


    add angry onions and spicy sauce to the angry whopper

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