Disable Ads In Skype’s Contact List

Disable Ads In Skype’s Contact List

There are a plenty of places we’ll tolerate ads, but desktop apps displaying our contact lists might feel like a bit much to you. If so, you can disable the contact list ads within Skupe in a buried setting.

Somehow we never knew this option was there, probably because it’s in a weird spot. In Skype for the desktop, open up the Options box. Under the notification subsection, click “Alerts & messages”. Here, you’ll see a checkbox labelled “Promotions” Uncheck it and you’re ad-free. Simple as that. Hit the link for some other cool, lesser-known Skype tips from the How-To Geek.

7 Skype Tips for Power Users [How-To Geek]


  • rad.msn.com # annoying skype ads ad-emea.doubleclick.net # annoying skype ads

    add this line to your hosts file and no more ads at all,

    or you know you could start paying for an app thats been free with no adds for years

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