DigiCal Is One Of The Most Flexible, Customisable Calendars We’ve Used

Android: DigiCal is a smart calendar for Android that’s brimming with features. It offers multiple ways to view your appointments and agenda, and so many home screen widgets and styles to choose from that you should easily find one that’s perfect for your needs.

DigiCal syncs with Google Calendar, Outlook and Exchange seamlessly, so you don’t need to keep multiple apps for your personal calendar and your work calendar. You can easily toggle calendar views if you prefer to keep your work and personal appointments separate, or you can view them all on one screen. The app features six different calendar views, including the usual day/week/month views, and also an agenda view that’s great for one-handed “where am I supposed to be” checks, as well as text and list views that give you just the basics.

Where DigiCal really shines is in its views and widgets. You can toggle Holo-themed light or dark styles, for example, and the widgets are resizeable and customisable so you always see your agenda, your weekly events, daily events monthly view right on your home screen without having to open the app. You can even add multiple widgets with multiple views on the same screen.

DigiCal also integrates with Google Now, so if you love being notified when you should leave for an appointment, or enjoy using Google Now to add reminders and events, you can still do so. The app is also smart enough to pull in Google Maps locations for your meetings and events, so you can get directions or look up addresses and phone numbers quickly.

DigiCal is free and ad supported. $5.49 gets you the pro version, which strips out the ads, includes even more widget options, a few widgets not included in the free version, and limitless colour choices.

DigiCal Calendar & Widgets (Free) [Google Play]

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