Deliver Better Public Speeches By Ensuring You Demonstrate Vulnerability

Deliver Better Public Speeches with a Bit of Vulnerability

Giving a speech to a large audience is hard, and although we have a few ways to help normal people give great speeches, every extra tip can help. James Altucher is no stranger to addressing groups, but he has a few key mantras to adhere to when standing in front of a crowd. One of the most important ones is "ABV: Always Be Vulnerable".

Altucher says it's vital to remember that you, just like the people in the audience, are a human being who can be scared, vulnerable and insecure. And chances are, your listeners like to hear that.

"Poor speakers create an artificial divide between themselves and the audience. They feel they need to do this in order to establish their own credibility," Altucher says. "Don't put any thought as to WHY you are on the stage or how you need to be 'better' than the people in the audience. You aren't better. You're simply the speaker."

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How To Be The Best Public Speaker on the Planet [The Altucher Confidential]


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