Contexts Makes Swapping Between Windows On A Mac Simple

Contexts Makes Swapping Between Windows On A Mac Simple

Mac: Switching between apps on a Mac is usually as simple as Command+Tab, but if you want switch between specific windows it’s a little trickier. Contexts is an app that makes it easy to swap between large numbers of windows right from your keyboard.

Contexts offers a few different ways to cycle between windows, including two different keystrokes, a search menu, or a mouse interface. When you trigger Contexts, it pops up on your screen and you can quickly load up the specific window (or app) you want using just your keyboard. It’s similar to Witch, but it’s (currently) cheaper. You can check out Contexts for free right now while it’s in beta or buy a licence for $US7.

Contexts [via One Thing Well]


  • um… apple have already implemented this in a more user friendly way! enable gestures and three finger swipe upwards reveals all windows currently open. unless i’ve read this wrong, please explain the benefits of spending $7US???

    • yep i have to agree, using touch gesture on the trackpad is a lot easier for me because I can see what i have on my current desktop and what has been pushed onto other desktops

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