Clean And De-Stink Your Garbage Disposal With Lemon And Vinegar Cubes

Clean and De-Stink Your Garbage Disposal with Lemon and Vinegar Cubes

In-sink garbage disposals are gross, wet and they smell bad over time. You can clean them out, however, with some lemon and vinegar ice cubes.

The cubes only take a few minutes to make. Cut up some lemons and place a piece in each section of an ice cube tray. Fill them up with vinegar (no water) and freeze. Then, whenever you need to clean your garbage disposal, toss a few in and turn it on. The cubes will help clean out the muck-filled disposal as well as mask any odours making their way out of the sink.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal with Lemon and Vinegar Ice Cubes [One Good Thing]


    Does anyone in Australia have garbage disposals?

      They were really popular back in the late 80's/early 90's, but now I rarely see them. I know a fair few local councils frown upon them for the crap they put into the sewage system that could easily be composted at home..

      They're much rarer than the US but not non-existent.

      I rented a newly renovated apartment a few years ago and it had a garbage disposal. I was intrigued by it. But I can't say that I miss having it after having moved out.

      have one in our kitchen, at the moment we just chuck a hunk of lemon down it and that works, this might help a bit more, so might give it a go.

    You could probably do this with your garbage bins too. An icecube of liquid won't likely make a bin too sloshy and the lemon will get dumped when your bin is emptied.

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