Check Out Retro Games And Software In Your Browser, Thanks To The Internet Archive

If you're not in the mood to build your own emulation machine, you can still enjoy a variety of classic games using just your browser. The Historical Software Archive, part of the Internet Archive, has made available a number of older, quality titles including Karateka, Akalabeth and Choplifter.

While the collection is made up mostly of games, you can have a go of WordStar if you want to indulge in the incredible fun of old-school word processing. Alternatively, you can load up Visicalc and experience the dawn of the spreadsheet.

The titles are powered by the Javascript port of the Multi Emulator Super System, better known as MESS. A few games take a little while to load initially and I'd recommend entering your own scaling values so the game isn't a tiny little box in the middle of your screen. This is easily done by making a change to URL — just look for scale=2 at the end of the address and up the number to 3 or 4.

Historical Software Archive [Internet Archive, via Gamasutra]


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