Carve A Pumpkin With Cookie Cutters (And Other Pumpkin-Carving Hacks)

You don't need carving skills to create a great looking pumpkin for Halloween. Just grab some appropriate cookie cutters. As the video above shows, simply hammer in the cookie cutter to make that shape in the pumpkin.

A few of the other tips in the BuzzFeed video are handy too, like using a dry/wet erase marker to design your pumpkin. For more on creating your pumpkin masterpiece, see our full guide on the subject.

Clever Pumpkin Carving Hacks You Should Know [YouTube]


    "halloween"... "cookie cutters"...

    And here I thought the American blight was finally fading from the planet.
    Keep this Yank shit off the Aussie site please.

      Halloween stirs up strong emotions, but head into any supermarket or chain store right now and you'd be hard pressed to argue it's not a tradition we're adopting. (And I always call them cookie cutters, though I call their output biscuits.)

    So tell me again - why on earth do we want to carve pumpkins? Is there a point to it? Is there anything better we could be doing with our time?

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