Can Unisys Confound Cybercriminals With A Disappearing Trick?

Can Unisys Confound Cybercriminals With A Disappearing Trick?
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Unisys’ Stealth For Mobile is a new cybersecurity platform for servers and BYOD products that adds a lick of ‘camo paint’ to traditional security barriers. It uses advanced data cloaking and encryption techniques to render devices, data and end users “virtually invisible” on the network.

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Unisys Stealth For Mobile is the company’s latest bid to address the increased cybersecurity risks caused by the proliferation of employee-owned devices in the workplace. It combines Unisys’ existing Stealth technology with application wrapping security software that allows users to define specific security policies on a per-mobile application basis.

“[Unisys Stealth For Mobile] adds a layer of identity-based security that gives users access and visibility rights to only the assets within the data centre they are entitled to access and see,” explained Unisys’ Asia Pacific program manager for cyber security, Paul Head-McNeil.

The solution is transparent to end users, who will have the same access rights no matter which device they use to access the data center. Only authorised users can access or see information within each secure user community (i.e. — interaction and visibility rights are strictly limited to whatever data center assets a particular user is entitled to access.)

According to Unisys, the new product can drastically reduce hacker incidents by unauthorised users (i.e. — how do you attack what you can’t see?) The company is billing the service as a fuss-free mobile security solution for critical data that requires no new code or application changes to implement.

“We are not trying to change people’s investments in the mobile infrastructure side,” Head-McNeil said. “[We] want to extend the capability into the datacentre and provide security.”

“Stealth for Mobile allows enterprises to capitalise on the productivity gains and customer service improvements associated with mobility and consumerisation of IT, while increasing assurance that their critical data remains safe,” added Rod Sapp, vice president of products and technology, Unisys in a statement.

“Unlike other security solutions such as virtual private networks, Unisys Stealth for Mobile cryptographically protects data all the way to the application – a much more secure approach for BYOD environments.”


  • In other news, doesn’t stop everyone from just dropboxing everything like they normally would anyway..

    BYOD is 2013’s version of Y2K. Cash. Money.

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