Briefly: Top 10 Dilbert Strips, Jaw-Dropping Cosplay, Driver Films Own Police Chase

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Dilbert creator shares his 10 favourite strips, watch the new Ja'mie: Private School Girl trailer, more fantastical cosplay photos.

  • Dilbert creator Scott Adams has been drawing slices of white-collar life for over two decades. Here are his ten favourite strips. Interestingly, the vast majority come from the years 2009 and 2010, which suggests Adams isn't particularly proud of his earlier work (or possibly suffers from long term memory loss.)
  • Australian comedian Chris Lilley's new TV series Ja'mie: Private School Girl looks to be every bit as hilarious as his previous romps. The ABC has just released a new trailer to give you a taste of the new show, which begins on ABC 1 from Oct. 23, 9:30pm. Click here to watch the clip.
  • When it comes to stupid decisions, nothing tops zooming away from police at 140kmph to avoid a breathalyser test. Well, apart from simultaneously filming the whole thing on your smartphone of course. Stick around for the eventual arrest — the line the guy throws out as his window gets smashed in is pretty hilarious.
  • In the words of Kotaku's Luke Plunkett: "It's Cosplay Time. Deal With It."


    or possibly suffers from long term memory

    One suffers from long term memory?

      The memories, they don't go away.

      Yes. Makes relationship hard because you remember every single little thing that someone has done wrong for example.

    I wish more Dilbert cartoons were made, they are so good :D

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