Briefly: Bushfire Drones, BlackBerry 10.2

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including drones capturing the horror of the NSW bushfires and the official launch of BlackBerry 10.2.

  • Drone technology allows access to dangerous areas people can't easily go — check out this footage from a drone in an area devastated by the Blue Mountains bushfires and see for yourself. And remember: donating to the RFS is a fine thing to do.
  • BlackBerry 10.2 — which adds a self-sorting inbox, allows you to reply to incoming calls with a text or instant message, and incorporates more intelligent sharing — has been officially released. No word yet on when Australian carriers will begin rolling out the update; unfortunately you can't manually update yourself.
  • Newly addicted to Pokemon in the Pokemon X&Y era? Mark over at Kotaku highlights an Australian iOS app that acts as a Pokedex — handy if you're not online and want to do some research.
  • In the mood for icecream? POPSUGAR Fitness rounds up the kilojoule count on 10 popular local brands. Not that knowing those details will stop me pigging out.


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