Azure Single Sign-On Integration Will Be Free

Microsoft will soon add integrated sign-on for more than 220 popular software-as-a-service apps to its Azure Active Directory service, making it easier to federate apps and allow users to sign into multiple apps with a single AD log-in. Particularly good news for IT pros: there won't be any per-user charges to access that service.

The Active Directory blog says that the SSO feature should be live be the end of 2013. When that happens, there won't be any additional fees:

Users can Single Sign On to any app we are integrated with at no charge. This includes all the top SAAS Apps and every app in our application gallery whether they use federation or password vaulting. Unlike some of our competitors, we aren't going to charge you per user or per app fees for SSO. And with 227 apps in the gallery and growing, you'll have a wide variety of applications to choose from.

The post also notes that Azure Active Directory now has more than 240 million connected accounts — not a small-scale undertaking by any means.

An update on dates, pricing and sharing some cool data! [Active Directory Team Blog]


    But think they will do anything about 3 minutes per port on the firewall unless you are willing to delve into powershell?

    Azure is hands down the: Worst. cloud. service. on. the. planet. Most expensive of the main providers, limited images, lousy support and SLOW as treacle to administer.

    If you really want to put your stuff up in the cloud the Digital Ocean are easily the best I've evaluated, far better and 1/2 the price for more powerful machines. Unless - that is - all you care about is wasting money on azure and making it easier for your employees to sign into facebook and twitter.

    Avoid Azure.

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