Are You A Morning Person?

Are You A Morning Person?
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Some of us wake up feeling refreshed and bright-eyed with a spring in our step and the knowledge we can face whatever the day throws our way. The rest of us just really hate people like that. Which are you?

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There are people who actually wake up bounding with energy, while others aren’t even sure of their name before midway through their second cup of coffee. It may be possible to become a morning person if you’re not one already. But if you’re not willing to go that far, perhaps you’ll settle for making your morning a little easier.

You could wake up to something pleasant instead of horrible, create a landing area so you can find your stuff a little easier, or just make sure you have the best dashboard apps to start your morning right.

Are you a morning person? If not, how do you make it easier for yourself to get started?


  • I’m a morning person, I get up at 5am during winter to get the Fire started, (I live in Tassie) so the family gets up to a warm house, and I get a start on my work around the house, a sleep in for me is 7am on a Sunday, I just can’t sleep beyond that, the only downside is my wife is night owl and sleeps in till 10 or 11. I go to bed about 11 to 11:30pm, I live on about 5 to 6 hours a night and that suits me fine, I should note I don’t use an alarm clock, I just tell myself what time I need to be up and my body clock wakes me up right on time, and its scary how accurate it is.

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