Are Sydney's Wet N' Wild Ticket Prices Too Expensive?

A new theme park is coming to Sydney: the city's version of Wet N' Wild is currently being built, and ticket prices have just been revealed. Are these too expensive?

The tickets are actually charged by height, and not by age, so being vertically challenged might finally pay off.

General Admission tickets for a single day is charged at $69.99 for those over 110cm, while those on the shy side of 110 pay $54.99. Pensioner admission is also $54.99. Children under 3-years old get in free.

Meanwhile, a Gold VIP Season Pass will set you back $124.99. That gets you unlimited entry during the 2013/2014 season (through to April 2014), free parking, a dedicated entry gate for gold pass holders, access to early-entry days and food discounts.

We did a bit of a double-take over the prices when we saw them: tickets for the same park in Queensland are between $10 and $20 cheaper. Then again, considering Sydney's park is newer and bigger, it makes sense that the tickets are slightly more expensive.

What do you think? Would you pay $70 for one visit? Clearly $130 is better for a season pass, right?


    Seems about right to me? the gold pass seems good

    Clearly they are trying to encourage people to become yearly members.. Not sure what the big benefit of that would be though..

      do we need to explain between once entry and unlimited entry ?

    Nah I think it sounds about right.

    They are going to sting you for parking and locker hire as well.
    I think I will stick to my pool.

      No doubt they'll have restrictions on food and drinks you can bring in too. Much the way dreamworld does up here. Then they sting ya $10 for a hot dog and $5 for a coke.

      you have a pool and wouldn't pay for parking fee and locker? are you sure the pool belongs to you not the neighbor?

        Why should NSW have to pay for parking when in QLD it is free?
        It isn't like there is anything nearby which is going to utilise their parking.

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    The price is less of an issue than the location - it's right next to Prospect Reservoir (and not far from the former location of Australias' Wonderland). For all intents and purposes it's completely inaccessibly by public transport.

    $70 for a solid day of entertainment is reasonable but they need some serious value-add over a public pool.

    (Also, I may be alone in wishing they had escalators in addition to stairs to the top of the slides...)

    General Admission tickets for a single day is charged at $69.99 for those over 110cm

    As the late, great George Carlin once said,... "Well, what about those passengers travelling with large children? Suppose you have a two-year-old with a pituitary disorder? You know, a six-foot infant with an oversized head."

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    I would like to have a say too about prices, why can't they have cheaper prices for the elderly who are only going as guardians and who will not be taking part in the activities? The Aquatic Centre is looking even better or the free activity park at Silverwater is excellent for children.

    I hope the management do take notice of how people are feeling or it won't be there for too long.
    Thank You

      Oh my, you're quite right. I couldn't agree more and I do hope they pay attention.
      My grandson is flying to Sydney on the 13th December and will no doubt want to see the new theme park. I'd be very upset if I couldn't chaperone due to the high prices.

    Having worked at W'n'W on the gold coast for a couple of years, I can say the ticket prices on the GC are totally worth it. I met enough happy people there to know that (including pensioners who thought it was totally worth the price to watch their charges having a blast) mind you there was always that family that wanted to be upset with everything.

    Next to our park in QLD the Sydney park is freaking gargantuan, and not only that but the layout is 100 times better when you consider the flow of guests. So the price hike is warranted.

    My advice would be ALWAYS check the website before you go to make sure of what is and isn't open, Take your own food, chuck all your valuables in a hire locker and don't let little things ruin your day.

    Oh and by the way if a lifeguard tells you to do something, its because we are concerned about your safety, not because we want to ruin your day.

    1. Forcing people to stand in line for 40 minutes for overpriced rubbish food after removing all drinks and food from bags at entry
    2. Not enough shelter at the lines, ie burning feet. No thongs on the rides
    3. 1 to 2 hours of wait in lines to get on a 15 second ride
    4. Lockers $10/$12
    5. VERY expensive tickets
    6. Not enough seating, except for the toilets which were gross
    7. Very busy, standing room only
    8. Lines to get in, lines to park, lines to pick up/drop off
    9. Not enough staff
    10. The disappointment of the advertised build up versus the reality was the worst of all.

    Whoever is running this park has some really big issues to fix else I see it becoming a very expensive flop. This is a new "attraction" with problems like this? Wait until it's been around a couple of years and goes the way of the Dodo like Australia's Wonderland. I can't see it lasting that long.

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