Are Australian Employers Becoming More Demanding?

A survey of Australian workers suggests that we're feeling increased pressure from our bosses: 84 per cent of us believe that we're asked to do more than five years ago.

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The survey by Randstad covered 13,300 people across 32 countries (though we don't know what proportion of those were Australians). In general, the Asia-Pacific region saw a similar pattern: the same figure was 94 per cent in China, 93 per cent in Malaysia and 85 per cent in Hong Kong.

As with any survey, caution is sensible: after all, if you've been promoted in the last five years, you'd expect your job to be more demanding. Has that been your experience? Tell us in the comments.


    I think that to a lot of employers if an employee is not visibly stressed out by their work, it's a sign to dump more on their shoulders until they are. You get the feeling that the countries with happier, more efficient workers are the ones that don't have this national ideal amongst employers (Of course there are exceptions to both).

    All companies these days always want everyone to be constantly more efficient.

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