Amazon Glacier And Redshift Now In Sydney Data Centre, But You'll Pay More

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has added its Glacier archiving and backup service and its Redshift data warehousing service to its Sydney data centre. That's good news if you prefer your data onshore, but as with most AWS services, you'll pay a premium for the Sydney location.

Glacier, which , is designed for data which doesn't need to be accessed with high frequencies but still needs to be backed up. You pay based on the volume of data stored, plus additional fees for uploading or retrieval or if you shift data to a different Amazon region.

As you can see in the pricing table below, there are essentially three tiers of pricing: the cheapest US options, a slightly higher price for EU and California, and even higher prices for Sydney and Tokyo. One exception: transferring to another region is actually cheaper in Sydney than elsewhere.

Region Storage Upload/retrieval requests Transfer to another region
Sydney $US0.012/GB per month $US0.060 per 1000 requests $US0.014 per GB
Tokyo $US0.012/GB per month $US0.050 per 1000 requests $US0.090 per GB
US East (Virginia) $US0.01/GB per month $US0.050 per 1000 requests $US0.020 per GB
US West (Oregon) $US0.01/GB per month $US0.050 per 1000 requests $US0.020 per GB
US West (California) $US0.011/GB per month $US0.055 per 1000 requests $US0.020 per GB
EU (Ireland) $US0.011/GB per month $US0.055 per 1000 requests $US0.020 per GB

The pricing differences aren't massive, but they will add up with massive volumes of data. Given that Glacier is designed for infrequent access, latency arguably isn't an issue; from that perspective, running Redshift locally might be more compelling.

Amazon Glacier/Amazon Redshift [AWS Blog]


    That exception is incorrect. The price to transfer from Sydney is $0.140 per GB. So its more expensive.

    For anyone considering AWS, i recommend setting up a service on every single one of those sites, and test the speeds. Depending on your provider and connections in place, you might be surprised at the speeds you can get from using one of the US sites. (if speed is the only consideration)

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