Amazon Appstore Developer Select Offers Bonuses For Android Devs

Contemplating selling Android apps through Amazon's Appstore? Amazon is actively wooing developers, promising premium placement, free advertising on its mobile network and discounted access to AWS cloud services for developers who optimise apps to run on its Kindle Fire OS and take advantage of its APIs.

Apps qualify for the newly announced Developer Select scheme if they render natively in high-definition on larger screens and draw on Amazon APIs such as those for in-app purchasing or mobile ads. Developers included in the program will receive "premium placement in the Amazon Appstore, 500,000 ad impressions on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network, and automatic inclusion in the Amazon Appstore Coins Reward category", Amazon said in its announcement. Developers can also score 25 per cent off their first AWS expenses, up to a maximum of $US500.

Amazon has been actively attempting to persuade developers to build apps targeted at its devices, and it's a strategy that has become more relevant to Australian developers since the Amazon appstore opened up to Australian customers in May this year. In August, it began selling HTML5 apps through the store.

Developer Select


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