ALDI Mobile Halves Data Allowance On Unlimited Plans

ALDI Mobile Halves Data Allowance On Unlimited Plans

OK, so ALDI Mobile now looks like rather poorer value than before: it has just halved its monthly data allowance on its unlimited prepaid plan from 5GB to 2.5GB.

We’ve been expecting this kind of reduction ever since the collapse of Kogan Mobile. ALDI Mobile managed to negotiate its own wholesale deal with Telstra in the wake of that change, but it always seemed unlikely it would maintain such relatively generous terms and conditions. Last month, it imposed a daily download limit.

ALDI Mobile now charges $35 a month for unlimited Australian calls and texts, plus 2.5GB of data. That’s not an utterly terrible deal, but there are plenty of prepaid deals with more data allocations, as you can see in our recent roundup (we’ll do an updated version soon).

Bottom line: if you want a Telstra network prepaid deal that doesn’t cost you a fortune and has decent data allowances, either choose Boost or go with the Encore cap deal. Thanks nevski123 for the tip!


    • Aldi Mobile sucks, they sent me message saying “I breached Policy 5:3” which is going over the limit and may suspend my account.

      How the hell should I know that they changed the plans from 5GB to 2GB and that i went over my limit if they don’t send me a alert via e-mail or text that they changed their plans and deals which made me go over the limit?

      Aldi used to be good but now they suck and won’t recommend it to anyone anymore and will switch to Boost if they suspend my service.

  • Mobile data is getting more and more expensive. Vendors like TPG and PennySIM are slowly exiting the market, and people like Kogan have already gone. Where is this magical wireless panacea that was supposed to negate the need for the NBN???

  • What’s this Encore cap deal? I’m having trouble finding the “Deal” part of all the Encore options.

  • At least, unlike the unfortunate people who went with Kogan, Aldi didn’t just dump them in the poop.

    Interestingly, and quite aside, did you know that the word testicle in Japanese is 睾丸 (Kōgan)? No, I’m not spiteful as I’ve always been with Telstra, but it’s surely going to be interesting to someone caught up in that whole Aldi/Kogan wholesaler business.

  • Amaysim give you 5GB and unlimited calls and SMS for $39.95. There is always choice out there.

    • People went with this option because it was running on the Telstra network. Sure, we can use Amaysim but in my area, coverage is spotty and hard to get most of the time. Not worth paying an extra $5 and only getting to use it 2 days of the month, If I’m lucky…

  • Very interesting that Aldi Mobile claims to have Australian based customer care (the main reason I signed up to them), I’ve just been called by an overseas call centre (Philippines). And they have refused to stop texting me at 1 and 2am, as requested several times, to let me know when my Recharge is due. Think I need to find a new carrier.

  • Also they have disabled tethering, that was the reason I went with them in the first place…. looking for another carrier now

  • We have two phones and I will leave my wife’s with Aldi as she talks a lot on it and does not use that much data. I will switch my phone to Optus $2 days as that will cost $60per month compared with Boost’s $40 per month and it gives half a GB per day so 15GB per month. I used to use all my 5GB on Aldi and have to twiddle my thumbs for a week before I could renew my data bolt on. This way I will not run out plus there may be days when I go bush and so don’t need data or outgoing calls and so not be billed as many $2 days per month and save a few bucks there – but considering I could get 500MB per day all year that is 180GB a year compared with Aldi at 60GB per year and Boost at 36GB per year. Also, after Telstra stuffing both Aldi and kogan up I will not support them any more than I have to. I did not even consider Vodafone as I was with them in the past and they were abysmal.

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