Adblock Plus Now Blocks Facebook’s Biggest Annoyances

Adblock Plus Now Blocks Facebook’s Biggest Annoyances

Adblock Plus has updated with a new set of features to hide some of Facebook’s biggest annoyances. You can set it up to block news feed annoyances and sidebar annoyances such as “nearbly places”.

The update isn’t really about ads. Adblock Plus already blocks out ads, sponsored stories and promoted posts, but this update adds a few more options. The everything option includes:

  • Music Pages You May Like
  • Entertainment Pages You May Like
  • Add to Movies
  • Add to TV Shows
  • People You May Know
  • Rate To Add To Your Movies
  • Rate To Add To Your TV Shows
  • Rate Books You’ve Read
  • Rate These Places
  • Get Important News
  • Recommended Pages
  • Rate Movies You’ve Watched
  • Add to Movies
  • Add to TV Shows
  • Rate TV Shows You’ve Watched
  • Suggested Groups
  • Friend Finder/Find More Friends
  • Games You May Like
  • Play It Again
  • Suggest Friends
  • Nearby Places

With Adblock Plus installed, just head to this page and pick the options you want to block.

Adblock Plus [via The Next Web]


  • recently since the ad block plus update 5 days ago. I realized that it didnt select a filter. so just go into the ABP and select a filter again, and it will work again!

  • I wish they could stop the daily bombardment spam I get from that company saying:

    Jayden, do you know Vignesh Parith. Join facebook today and find out.
    or the other one:
    Jayden, you have 7 friends who want to talk to you on facebook, join today.

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