Woolworths Mobile Shutdown: What Customers Need To Know

Woolworths Mobile Shutdown: What Customers Need To Know

Some two years after launching, the Optus-powered Woolworths Mobile is being wound down over the course of the next year. Here’s what you need to know if you’re a current customer.

The statement from Optus confirming the closure outlines the basic details:

Optus is in the process of ending its agreement with Woolworths Mobile. From 1 October, customers will no longer be able to purchase a Woolworths Mobile prepaid SIM. Existing Woolworths Mobile customers can continue to recharge in store and online for another 12 months. After this time, customers can recharge by purchasing an Optus recharge voucher.

In other words: if you’re an existing customer, you’re OK for the moment, but if a better deal comes up, it would be worth jumping, since there’s no guarantee Optus will grandfather the plan indefinitely. And that shouldn’t be After all, part of the benefit of being on a prepaid plan is that it’s easy to switch.

We’ve never been huge fans of the Woolworths offer; while it includes a seemingly generous 5GB of data, that is counted in 1MB increments and can’t be used for tethering. For our current recommendations for prepaid plans, check out the best deals on each network in Australia.


  • Can’t be used in Tethering? Bull dust!

    I tether my Samsung Note 2 and HP netbook to my Galaxy S3 all the time via WiFi.

    Don’t forget the 10% off your recharge if you use your Woolworths Everyday Rewards card.

    For infrequent calls and loads of data, this plan is perfect. I’ll stick to it until I am forced to leave.

    • Not sure about Samsung but the iPhone had carrier lock on tethering. Easy to bypass but annoying none the less *sigh*

      • The original article seems like it was written by someone with a very limited point of view.

        For about $18 a month I could get more calls and data than I needed. I am very happy with this prepaid plan and will stay on it until it runs out.

  • As far as mobile broadband goes, it was an OK deal – significantly better than Optus and Virgin’s in-house offerings, and wasn’t part of ISPone.
    I bypassed tethering and put it in an unlocked 3g modem. Works a charm in my 3/4g modem router.

  • Oh ffs this is bollocks. The MVNOs provide deals that aren’t rip offs so best thing to do is end their agreements. Guess it’s time to go TPG….

  • I’m beginning to believe it’s all a scam to get more customers to each network.
    Step 1. The Network (Telstra/Optus) signs a deal with an new MVNO that offers ridiculously cheap mobile offers.
    Step 2. After the MVNO has a decently sized customer base, shut shop and port all the customers back to their mothership!
    hahahaha! But seriously… maybe???

  • Yeah that’s total bull about the tethering. I tether my phone with woolworths mobile at least twice a week.

  • I use Woolworths Mobile and regularly tether to a HP netbook and to a Nexus 7. I have even made voip calls from the Nexus 7 using Zoiper back through the tether. I tether the Nexus 7 to the phone when in the car, not when driving of course.
    I have never come close to running out of data allowance. This prepaid plan was ideal for someone who did not live on the phone. The 10% off for using the rewards card was a bonus.
    Optus does not come close to this prepaid plan. The Optus data allowances are just plain mean.

  • ‘No tethering’ . . wrong I do it all the time. You probably didn’t recommend Woolworths mobile because you had no idea what they offered.

    • This is what the T&Cs say: “Excludes mobile handset tethering and use of non mobile devices.” Good luck to you if it’s not being enforced, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t sold as a non-tethering service. It absolutely is.

      • I think today the 23rd July 2014, we (ex woolworths prepaid mobile customers) can no longer tether… :,(

  • In terms of tethering I’ve done it many times.
    Samsung galaxy to my PC and tablet (ipad and nexus 7 2nd)!

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