Why Spotting Fake Goods Online Can Be Tricky

One of the risks of shopping online is that your hunt for a bargain can lead you to purchase counterfeit goods. A recent shadow shopping exercise by CHOICE demonstrates that the differences aren't always hugely apparent.

As you can see in the video, the differences between a fake pair of Nikes and the genuine item weren't readily apparent, even after sawing the shoes in half. The biggest giveaway was the cheaper packaging.

While "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" can be a useful rule of thumb, it isn't the whole story with online shopping. The mark-up in some stores can be severe, so a lower price on its own doesn't immediately and unquestionably signal a fake. Goods might be legal parallel imports, or they might be dodgy knock-offs. In some cases, even the original manufacturer has difficulty telling.

Hit the link below for some tips on what to do if your online bargain turns out to be a poor-quality clone.

Counterfeit goods [CHOICE]


    OMG, worst video ever...

    Saw your shoe in half and you'll find they're as good as exactly the same as the real thing. In fact, they probably are the real thing, but that box was damaged in transit, so must be a fake.

    oh.. nike decided to up and leave the 3rd world country there were pillaging for their cheap labour... guess what?? when they upped and left the locals took over the factory (complete with all the tooling) and now flood every cheap market with fake nikes... well, same nikes made from same machines.. glue not as good!

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