When You Do (And Don’t) Need A Third-Party Uninstaller

When You Do (And Don’t) Need A Third-Party Uninstaller

Generally, uninstalling an application in Windows is as easy as using the built-in Control Panel utility. You’ve heard us recommend third-party uninstallers like Revo before, but when are they really necessary? Our friends at the How-To Geek explain when it’s worth using a more aggressive uninstaller.

In general, they argyue, the average user probably doesn’t need a third-party uninstaller — so there’s no reason to foist one upon your family and friends. If they only uninstall a few apps from time to time, it isn’t going to make a noticeable difference. However, if you like to try out a lot of apps — as we geeks are prone to do — that’s where programs like Revo become more relevant:

If you’re a geek who’s constantly installing and uninstalling software, running a third-party uninstaller can help you prevent useless files from building up and programs from leaving useless libraries and other files behind. You do have to be constantly installing and uninstalling software for this to matter — typical users shouldn’t really notice a difference. Even hardcore geeks would be fine without third-party uninstallers in the vast majority of situations, and such geeks would likely know how to clean up any problems by hand. If any problems did occur, you could always install something like Revo later and use it to remove traces of a problematic program that you’ve already tried to uninstall the normal way.

Antivirus programs can be notoriously difficult to uninstall, so third-party installers are worthwhile if you’re switching from one to another. Check out the full explainer for more details, and if you use a third-party uninstaller, let us know which one — and why — in the comments.

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  • Revo’s freeware uninstaller is pretty good. Slightly off topic, but there is also a program called “should I remove it” which can be helpful for some less tech-savvy people understand what pieces of software are and whether it is safe to remove them.

    • Nope, I think that’s very much on topic. I’ve had to install that for the in-laws, as they forever keep installing stuff they shouldn’t and uninstalling what they shouldn’t. Has made my life a little easier.

  • Revo is free and easy to use, so there is no reason to risk having crap left in the registry because program builders couldn’t be bothered to build in a proper uninstaller. I bought the pro version just because I like it so much and wanted to support them. The amount of times I’ve uninstalled a program with the windows uninstaller and it has refused to do it, makes Revo the goto for me. Plus I never cease to be amazed by the amount of crap even the most innocuous programs leave in the registry….!

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