When Did You Get Your First Computer?

When Did You Get Your First Computer?

In the past, having a computer in your own home was a rarity. These days, computers are much more commonplace, but having one of your very own is still kind of special. When did you get your first?

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Go back thirty years, and having a computer in your home was almost unheard of. These days, many kids have powerful computers in the form of smartphones in their pockets, and many households have one computer per resident.

Anyway, we want to know. When did you get your first computer and what was it?


    No one else had an Amstrad? C'mon. Family computer Amstrad CPC464 in 1984.

    Roland in Time ftw. Took like 20mins to load it off the cassette-tape deck (yes, really) that was built into the keyboard.

    My family bought a near new Commodore 64 of the son of the Singapore Ambassador in Canberra Australia in 1986. It was amazing it come with the works. It had those crazy paddles, joysticks, 5-1/4" floppy drive, cassette drive. dot matrix printer and the black ad yellow printer.

    1984 Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K - My grandma got it for me when I was 4 years old, they saw the how important computers would be in the future. Ah, how I miss hooking it up to the TV and loading games from a cassette tape - Also started writing my first programs on it in the primitive Basic language it came with when I was 5 years old - Best thing my grandparents ever did for me :)

    First access was a fiends Microbee when I was all of about 10 so around '83? and commodore 64 and commodore 128...

    Finally convinced the folks these things were the future and First computer of my own was a 386 DX 10Mhz with a turbo button to hit 16Mhz! Phwoar! had 100 meg HDD and a Trident 1meg video card.

    Pools of radiance never looked so.....

    2010 (Dell Inspiron 1545, still use it to this day all OEM) - which was one month before I hit University... came out with a Computer Science Degree.

    Mine was in 1987, a MacPlus. Duel Mini Floppy Drive and no built in Hard Drive. To stop swapping disks I had to buy a 20mb DataFrame Hard Disk. The MacPlus was cool because inside of the cover were all the signatures of those who worked on it including Jobs and Wosniak. Wish now that I had never traded it. :( I still have the Apple Bag to carry it in though plus the bag for the printer. All up it cost me over $AU8K. OMG! WHAT was I thinking? :)
    Great computer though and far surpassed anything else at the time. I had Excel 1.04 when everyone else was using Lotus 123 on their PC's. Excel was far superior. Was also using a Word Processing software named MacAuthor when everyone else was struggling with WordPerfect on their PeeCees.
    Had fun programming in HyperCard, a really powerful and easy programming language very much based on simple English.
    Hacking into software named ELIZA that created a doctor scenario/patient scenario with some really crude results kept my friends amused for hours. As well as the all too familiar and standard Mac OS "knock-knock" jokes.
    After that came the PizzaMac in the early 90's (my first colour screen) and from very soon after that was my first PowerBook which still cost me well over $AU5K and which I later upgraded to a G3 chip.
    From then on it has been PowerBooks, MacBooks and MacBook Pros up to my current 15"

    Sinclair ZX80. I bought the floating point ROM to bring it up to ZX81 specs. Next was one of the dual processor Apple ][+ clones. Next was a CP/M machine built around an Ampro little big board. I lose track after that as I started collecting any computing hardware I could find. Unfortunately most of them ended up in a skip when I moved in with my wife to be.

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