When Are You Most Productive During The Day?

When Are You Most Productive During The Day?

Though we tend to divide people up into morning people and night owls, the truth is that everybody has different times of the day where they feel most productive. Often, those times have little to do with your actual sleep and work schedule. What times of day are you firing on all cylinders?

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It’s true that some people’s productivity peaks place them perfectly into night owl or morning person slots, but we suspect it’s more complicated than that.

No matter when your productivity spikes, there are ways to improve it throughout the day. You can try exercising in the middle of the day for an afternoon energy boost. You can also learn to be a more productive night owl, or at least learn how to stay productive after work.

But for now, we want to know about you. Tell us in the comments what time of day you feel most productive.


  • I seem to be most productive when I am trying to get to sleep. Sleepy and groggy during the day, and then comes bed-time and I lay down and my brain suddenly decides: “I want to think about everything right now!”

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