Velocity Teaches You To Speed Read One Word At A Time

iPhone: Speed reading is tough to learn, but Velocity is an app that makes it easy. Just toss in an article from Instapaper, Pocket or your clipboard, and Velocity will display it word by word so you can read it fast.

Velocity is simple, but it works really well. Just dump in the articles you want to read, and Velocity displays them in a word by word format so you can read through them quickly. You can change how fast it moves through the text, as well as select special themes.

It's similar to the previously mentioned Syllable, but Velocity is easier to use with its simpler interface.

Velocity ($2.99) [iTunes App Store]


    Speed Reader (fairly basic name for it, lol) for android is one. It's pretty basic, but you can run various documents through it.

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