Use Rubber Bands To Stop Clothes Slipping From Hangers

Use Rubber Bands To Stop Clothes Slipping From Hangers

If you’re anything like me, you have a small pile of rubber bands that you’ve accumulated from various sources, such as vegetables, flatbread or other grocery items. I always hang onto mine, hoping that I’ll find a use for them.

One answer, now that summer is coming, is to add them to clothes hangers.

Summer dresses and strappy tops are lightweight, pretty and prone to sliding off the clothes hanger. And it seems like you never have enough hangers with those extra loops and curves that will help keep them in place.

If you attach rubber bands at either end of a coat hanger, it provides enough of a hump – and a little grippiness – to prevent the straps’ otherwise inevitable slide off. Even tiny rubber bands work surprisingly well. The ones I used for my purple top, pictured above, are so small that I had to tilt the hanger so you could see them!

It’s much better than my previous solution, which was to loop the straps around the hanger’s hook.