Use Non-Stick Cooking Spray To Make Scooping Sticky Ingredients A Snap

Use Non-Stick Cooking Spray to Make Scooping Sticky Ingredients a Snap

If you've ever had to measure honey or golden syrup for a recipe, you know it's tricky. You never get as much out as you put in, and the measuring cup is hard to clean afterward. Alton Brown has a simple fix: Spray the cup with some non-stick cooking spray first. Sticky stuff then slides right out.

Photo by Sarah Fleming.

This is a pretty old trick, but I recently re-discovered it thanks to Alton's post-it note tweets. All you do is give your measuring cups or spoons a quick spray with cooking oil before you pour in the sticky substance. You don't need a lot of spray either — a quick pass will do.

It's similar to our previously mentioned oil coating trick, but less effort, easier cleanup, and better for large measuring cups.

This morning I am thankful for @altonbrown.... [Elizabeth Voss (Twitter)]


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