Create Ice Cream Sprinkles With A Pepper Grinder

Create Ice Cream Sprinkles With A Pepper Grinder

Here’s a fun dessert hack to turn boring ice cream into a candy-covered taste bud tempter: perfect for kiddies (and the young at heart.) All you need is a refillable pepper grinder and your confectionery of choice…

A colleague spotted this ingenuously simple idea over at 93.5 Star FM Dubbo’s Facebook page, of all places. We think the picture says it all. The amateur pâtissier chose to load up her grinder with Nerds, but we suspect the concept should work just as well with miniature chocolates, other small candies or even cookie bites.

It does leave you with a bit of a conundrum however: do you wastefully empty your pepper grinder right now, or wait for it to run out naturally? First world problems strike again!

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[Via 93.5 Star FM Dubbo]


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