Turn An Old Film Canister Into A Compact Torch

Turn an Old Film Canister Into a Compact Flashlight

Have any old film canisters lying around? You can give them new life by turning them into torches.

The electronics in this build are nothing surprising, but it's a very tidy implementation. You wire up a battery to an LED bulb through a switch, mount the switch to the side of the canister, and poke the light out through the lid.

This build is so cheap and simple that you could easily build a bunch and store them in various drawers around your house. They're fun to make and a great use of what might otherwise go to waste.

Film Canister Flashlight [Instructables]


    The author seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of waste, and sunk costs.
    It is wasteful to turn a bunch of old film canisters into torches, unless you happen to need a bunch of torches.
    It is less wasteful to just recycle your old film canisters.

    While it may be an interesting project, the comments on waste are incorrect

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