Turn An Old, Broken Laptop Into An All-In-One Desktop PC

Turn an Old, Broken Laptop Into an All-In-One Desktop PC

If you have an old laptop around that's seen better days, you can do a lot to repurpose it — or you can just turn it into an all-in-one desktop. DIY enthusiast Oak's laptop wasn't in the best of shape, but he was able to flip the monitor around, add a stand, and turn the whole thing into a desktop PC with a keyboard and mouse.

You can build your own all-in-one PC with the right parts, but an old laptop can make a great one too — if you don't need all the power of a new one.

Of course, if your laptop is so broken that its monitor doesn't work, you could always turn it into a PC-inside-a-keyboard. Hit the link to see more.

DIY Old Laptop to All-in-One PC [Oakkar7 via Hack a Day]


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