Turn A Popcorn Bag Into A Bowl For Mess-Free Munching

Turn A Popcorn Bag Into A Bowl For Mess-Free Munching

There’s no need to get your hands all greasy while eating out of a popcorn bag. Just turn the bag into an instant popcorn bowl.

This clever hack, posted by Instagram user daniestraub, simply involves cutting out a square on one side of the bag after you take it out of the microwave. It will save you from having to wash a real bowl too.

You could also try this with the paper bag method of making less expensive, healthier microwave popcorn.

daniestraub [Instagram via MakeUseOf]


  • Perhaps it’s because I don’t usually eat microwaved popcorn, but how is this method going to make your hands any less greasy?

    At least with a bag if you’re so inclined, you can just pour the popcorn into your mouth

    • i think it will make them less greasy – when you reach in you often touch the top of the bag with the back of your hand even if you’re trying not to.

      no top = problem solved. this is better for sharing too.

      awesome lifehack

  • Why do people eat salty popcorn? Why doesn’t Australia have sweet popcorn?! Why do we not form riotous protests in the absence of luscious caramelised sugar coated popcorn to be eaten alongside watching great action movies like Ironman and Thor in our theatres?!

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