Themer Customises Your Phone With One Tap

Android: My Color Screen, the site dedicated to sweet customised phone layouts and designs, is coming out with a one-tap Themer app on October 1. If you want to jump the line, we have an in for the first 2000 readers to sign up.

To get in on the beta, head to and enter your email address to sign up. On October 1, when the app goes live on the Google Play Store, you'll need an access code to get in. The first 2000 readers to sign up at the above link will get priority access and receive an access code that day. Everyone else will be part of a staged rollout.

The app itself will allow you to set entire comprehensive themes for your phone with a single tap. It will include a gallery of community-built designs which, if we can judge from the submissions to My Color Screen's site, should be a pretty impressive collection.

Themer [My Color Screen]


    Signed up.
    Looking forward to it!

      It looks pretty awesome. The big test will be how it performs resource wise.

    How is this app different from Buzz launcher. Buzz also does the same thing.

      How are Macs different from PCs - they both do the same thing.

    Tried a few different themes and none suited my use. No widgets is a huge problem. Phone's speed did suffer and the app shortcuts weren't responsive, I couldn't tell if it was opening or not. I'll stick with Nova launcher and Metro station app icons.

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