The Proper Way To Load Your Dishwasher For The Cleanest Dishes

There’s a much better way to load your dishwasher than my (old) method of tossing everything in willy-nilly. This video from CHOW shows us exactly how to arrange our dishware.

We’ve discussed this topic before, but it’s nice to see the actual arrangement of everything. CHOW also offers a few interesting tips, such as alternating plate sizes, putting cups between (not on) the tines, and running hot water before running the dishwasher.

The Best Way to Load Your Dishwasher – CHOW Tip [YouTube]


  • Most dishwashers in Australia are cold fill only these days (as are washing machines), so running the hot water is going to do nothing other than waste that water and the energy used to heat it.

  • I’m completely OCD about how I arrange the dishwasher, but it was almost spot-on with this video (Practice makes Perfect?). Idk why but I always pre-rinse everything, won’t it be harder to clean if it hardens?

  • A mistake: the red cutting board at the front could interfere with the opening of the detergent flap. They got away with it this time. I make sure low items are placed in front of the detergent flap so that it opens freely, otherwise, the detergent might not be delivered completely.

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