The iOS 7 Desktop

The iOS 7 Desktop

Reader DilettantesDoovers submitted this iOS 7-inspired, Geektool fuelled, end-of-winter desktop to our Desktop Showcase and we love it. It’s simple, it’s colourful, and the icons surprisingly look right at home in the dock, regardless of how you feel about iOS 7.

Now then, if you want to recreate this look on your Mac, here’s what you’ll need:

That’s it. The hardest part here really is finding icons for the apps you’d like to keep in the dock, but there are — as you can see — plenty of icon packs that are full of iOS 7-themed icons for desktop applications that you can download. If you have trouble with GeekTool and getting the time and date to display or the colours right, or the Geeklets above working, check out our guide to using GeekTool and you’ll be set in no time.

ios 7 inspired desktop [DilettantesDoovers]


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