The Arduino Yún Is An Arduino-Powered Linux Machine

The Arduino is one of our favourite DIY devices, but it's no secret that it's not the most powerful micro-controller on the block. The Arduino Yún partially solves that, offering a combination of Arduino and Linux with built-in Wi-Fi.

The Arduino Yún is packed with a bunch of improvements over other Arduino devices. With Wi-Fi, you can upload your sketches and programs without ever plugging it into your computer and it's incredibly easy to connect it to the internet. Likewise, the Arduino sketches you upload can communicate with the Linux command line, so you'll be able to develop all kinds of crazy projects using both environments. It's a powerful little device and a great way to develop your own electronics.

Arduino Yún ($US68) [Arduino Store]


    You can order locally now from @GorillaBuilderz in Australia.

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