Test Your Printer With The Google Homepage

Test Your Printer with the Google Homepage

When you hook up a new printer, or just add new ink cartridges to one you already own, you often want to print off a simple test page. Next time you need one, try the Google homepage.

This tip is so simple, but it's actually pretty brilliant. The Google logo is colourful enough to make sure your colour ink is working properly, and the black footer links will prove that your black ink is ready to go. As a bonus, the page is so spartan that it won't use up much ink, even though it gives you a pretty good idea of your printer's health.

Most printers have a test page programmed in, but if you don't want to be mess around and activate it, this is a quick and easy alternative.

LPT: Need to test a printer? Print the Google homepage - has all the colours, uses almost no ink [Reddit]


    Wait... You think using the printer's test page is difficult? After you've added the printer drivers to your computer it asks you to print a test page. It's a click of a button. Slow news week I imagine.

      That option prints the Windows test page. Not the printer test page, which is usually somewhere in the option menu of the printer. Different printers hide there's in different places.

    the article states the PRINTER test page, not the windows/mac test page, 2 different things...

    slow brain day for some

      Once again: One is far quicker and easier than the other. Why would you bother when the built in test is fine and easier?

    This comment adds no value to the discussion, just thought I'd write crap like the 4 comments above.

    or just save a decent test page on your PC that actually gives you some decent info like this one

      perhaps because it wastes a lot of ink

        Not if it's the work printer.

          It still wastes ink, you just don't have to pay for it.

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